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Samford Futures Project Updates

Click here to download/view a PDF file with updates on all Samford Futures projects.

Samford Futures Update public meeting

An update on all Samford Futures projects is being held in a public meeting on Wednesday 30 October, 7.30pm, at the Farmers Hall. The main focus will be on Samford Commons and Urban Farming, with all other projects updated briefly also. All are welcome to participate.

Flow of people continues

A steady stream of people has continued to offer time and energy to help implement parts of the Samford Vision.  Locals with skills in social media, urban planning, marketing, education, food growing, accounting, architecture and plenty more have been good enough to offer their services.

Even university students from outside of the Valley are contributing to what the working groups are doing.

The Vision plans  are continually changing and improving as more people add  value through their constructive critiques and practical insights.  Feel free to join in.

Actions on the go

Each of the Working Groups has met or has plans to meet this month and there is action aplenty with the Samford Commons, Twilight Market , Shopping Bag project, Creative Samford, Urban Farming  and others making lots of headway. 

All this has happened after a little R &R for the Group Convenors and their members after the event on 15 March.

IGA follow up with feedback

A Samford Futures stall will be set outside the IGA at a date to be decided in May.  The purpose will be to provide the opportunity for people who missed the event on the 15th of March to catch up personally on the Samford Futures outcomes so far.  It will also give people the chance to discuss their criticisms or approvals  of the vision plans and to add value.

Watch the next Pump and  for details of the date and time.

Join in – everyone’s welcome!

There’s a continuous stream of things to do and you get to choose so feel free to connect  via  the Futures website at or email here or call 0407 190 162 if you’d like to participate in some way.