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A very large number of people (estimated at 800+) have contributed in some way to the development of Samford Futures.

Many of them took part in the original survey or meetings; others added ideas along the way by attending further meetings and workshops or gave feedback to the process in both formal and informal ways. They were all part of the Samford Futures mosaic, but it is not possible for all to be acknowledged in this document (sincere apologies to those who have been missed – your legacy will live on).

Thanks also to the many spouses and family members who supported the household while others in the family took on various involvements in the Samford Futures process.

Some people were involved in a specific aspect of the process, while others made general contributions.

Special acknowledgement here is given to:

  • Jo Wilkinson, Daniel Nordh, Wendy Bailye, Howard Nielsen, Rachel Stokes, Peter Booth and Peter Kearney for their very significant contributions as Convenors of the Working Groups. They oversaw the process of taking ideas and aspirations from the community and helping turn them into a practical vision for the future.
  • Peter Booth for his amazing contributions in so many areas of planning, design, creative ideas and community engagement.
  • Jo Wilkinson for her important role in connecting with community organisation to explore their plans for the future.
  • Peter Storer for his patience and professionalism in the huge task of editing the Futures documents and for managing the inputs from the many volunteers who contributed to it.
  • Carolyn King for her creativity, energy and professionalism with the design and publication of the Futures document and the marketing and event promotion.
  • Scott Andrews and Kate Nielsen from Caboodle Web design for their design and management of the two web sites, and, which have facilitated the delivery of the Samford Futures process, and their production of video presentations.
  • Volker Jahnke, Bob Hannam, Pauline Reed, John Clark, Mel Wilkinson and Bruce Jones for their persistent support and practical contributions during the long process.
  • The Samford and District Progress and Protection Association, especially President John Atkinson for his unswerving support.
  • The Village Pump editor Anne Wells for her invaluable support with community communications.
  • The Moreton Bay Regional Council, and particularly Councillor Bob Millar.

The contributors to the working groups are acknowledged on the following page for their contributions in specific areas of activity.

Howard Nielsen
Convenor, Samford Futures Process