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What is Samford Futures?

The Futures process aims to gain consensus about a vision for the Valley that reflects the strengths, beliefs, needs and aspirations of the community. It is ‘future making’ rather than ‘future waiting’. The community is being proactive in shaping its own future.

The Futures process has involved:

  • continual community consultation, involving widespread and open engagement of people to generate high levels of ownership and energy
  • establishing a special working group of the Progress Association.
  • setting up sub-working groups for eight main areas of focus suggested by the community
  • liaising with Council, business, community groups and other stakeholders
  • reporting back to the community on the process, ideas and outcomes.

Samford Commons proposal updated

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Samford Commons support - 1

Samford Commons support - 2

Samford Commons support - 3

Samford Commons support - 4

Samford Commons support - 5